Programs/ Initiatives

No matter what city, village or neighborhood you visit, you'll find children who didn't ask to be born into the extreme circumstances they face. Many people say that they are hopeless. Metro World Child believes they just don't have any hope. That's why we have developed specific programs to help meet the emotions, spiritual and physical needs of children. Through these programs, Metro is able to provide hope and build futures.

Faith Based Programs

Sunday School at Metro World Child isn’t a Bible lesson with felt boards – it’s a dynamic, energized, Gospel driven program designed to help a child grow in their relationship with God. For many kids, it’s the highlight of their week. LEARN MORE

Mentorship and Personal Growth

At the heart of everything Metro World Child provides is an intentional, one-on-one relationship with the children with whom we work. Some of the most basic needs are met in the context of being actively involved in a child’s daily life. LEARN MORE

Humanitarian Efforts

Many of the children Metro World Child reaches around the world are going without basic necessities such as food, water and clothing. By helping to meet the physical needs, the door opens up to meet the emotional and spiritual needs as well. LEARN MORE


Living in some of the most impoverished areas of the world, the children Metro serves face a bleak future. By providing kids tools for learning and teaching them how to read and write, Metro World Child is investing in their education and future. LEARN MORE

Acts of Love

At the heart of every child is the desire to know that they are loved. Unfortunately, most of the children Metro World Child reaches, love is nowhere to be found. Acts of Love are a simple way to encourage a child and to show God’s love in a tangible way. LEARN MORE