What does my giving provide?

Your support helps to provide services and benefits for your child and his or her family. Your monthly giving supports the Sunday School programs in which your child participates, mentorship relationships with Metro staff and basic needs such as food and clothing.

Does my child know his or her sponsor?

Yes! Most children understand that there is someone who is helping them and loves them. They love hearing from you directly through the My Metro World Child office. Before each child is sponsored, we obtain written consent forms from the parent or guardian, allowing you to build a relationship with your child and his or her family.

How long does the sponsorship relationship last?

The ages of sponsored children ranges from age 3 to 16. Some sponsors support a child for a year or two, while others support a child for many years. We’ve even had some sponsors connect with a young child and elect to continue with their sponsorship through the child’s college years.

What is a site pastor and what role does he/she play in my sponsored child’s life?

Our staff members, known as site pastors, develop one-on-one relationships with the children with whom we work. They initially decide which children should be sponsored as well as maintain ongoing relationships to help Metro and the child’s sponsor meet specific needs. In all nations where Metro World Child operates its Sunday School program, every child who attends receives personal visits to follow up with the children and their families. It is during these home visits that the site pastors become aware of the living conditions and the needs facing that child.

Can I find out which site pastor is assigned to my child?

Yes! The site pastors make personal visits to your child, so they are the best resource for up-to-date information and ways to meet immediate needs. They can be contacted through the My Metro World Child office.

What happens if my sponsored child stops attending Sunday School?

Children sometimes have to move frequently in the inner city because of the poor conditions of the apartments, family problems or even abuse. Some children and their families move to different states in hopes of better living conditions. When a child moves or stops attending Sunday School, we try to locate him or her. If ever a child is no longer participating in the My Metro World Child program, we inform the sponsor and give you the opportunity to sponsor another child.

Can I write or send things to my child?

Yes! We encourage you to be in contact with your child as much as your time and resources allow. We find this to be a powerful tool. You can send them your picture and tell them about yourself. A card, letter or a care package is a great way of meeting their needs and encouraging them.

Will my child write back to me?

Yes, your child will write to you. We believe it is important for you to hear directly from your child so we will send the notes to you directly as they come from the child. In some instances, children are unable to write and may need the site pastor or someone in their home to write the letters for them. If you are sponsoring a child whose language is different from your own, both your letters and the child’s responses will be translated.

What are some other ways I can support my child directly during the year?

There are many ways to show a child you care. For his birthday, a card or gift goes a long way. In each country, we also have various programs throughout the year for which you can sponsor your child. You can provide back-to-school supplies, a complete meal for Thanksgiving, or even toys for Christmas.

Does everything I send my child go directly to them?

Yes! The site pastors make sure the packages, letters and cards are given directly to your sponsored child. There are times when a parent is entrusted to pass along the items to the child.

Does my child receive my support in cash?

No. We have learned that giving cash directly to the child or a parent is not the best way to help. If we know that the family needs food, for example, or that the child has a specific need, your giving helps us meet that need.

What happens if I miss my monthly support commitment?

We understand that circumstances can arise that make it difficult to keep a monthly commitment. However, please realize that your involvement with sponsorship is a very vital commitment to a child that makes a profound difference. If we do not hear from you for several months, we will call you so that we both can review the situation and determine whether or not you would like to continue your commitment.

What happens to my child if I have to discontinue my sponsorship?

While the consistent relationship your sponsorship provides is very meaningful to a child, we understand that many sponsors cannot make a monthly commitment indefinitely. When a child loses his or her sponsor, we try to reassign the child to a new sponsor as quickly as possible and make sure he or she is taken care of through our staff, programs and other sponsors.