Child Sponsorship

My Metro World Child offers child sponsorship programs throughout the world. Our child sponsorship program is both one of the most important facets of our work and one of the greatest facilitators of our work. Not only does the generosity of our sponsors provide consistent funding for Metro’s programs, but more importantly, a child sponsorship relationship gives a child a loving support system, a mentor and a source of truth in his or her life.

Metro World Child operates in some of the world’s most impoverished areas. Innocent children growing up in these areas often face hunger, poverty, exploitation and lack on many levels. Sponsorship connects a sponsor with a child living in these unfavorable conditions and supports Metro World Child’s programs for children in these areas. Sponsors regularly interact with their sponsored child through letters, gifts and visits. These relationships let a child know he or she is loved and cherished and also create an important avenue to meet needs in a child’s life as they arise. The financial support sponsors provide also provides programs, mentorship and food and supplies for sponsored children, through the work of Metro World Child.

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