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Metro World Child reaches out to children in metropolitan areas around the world with a proven one-on-one relational and Gospel-focused model. The concepts Metro has developed are based upon sound biblical principles that transcend cultures, denominations, race and generations. While the needs around the world differ, the causes and effects of poverty and the life-changing power of the hope of Christ remains the same. In each country, we tailor our programs to meet the specific needs of the environment where we work.


Many children in the Philippines are living in abject poverty. In Manila where we operate, whole communities live in the city’s garbage dumps. It is heartbreaking to see children and their families searching for food among the garbage. Many of the children grow up without education because their parents cannot afford to send them to school.

Recently, a nine-year-old boy was killed by a garbage slide while scavenging for food. He had stopped attending school to help his parents earn a living in this way. This tragic example shows how great the need is to reach the children in the Philippines.

Metro Philippines partners with local churches to reach more than 20,000 impoverished and neglected children each week through the Sunday School program and visitation. The children are able to hear about and receive God’s free gift of salvation, some for the first time; and realize they have a hope and a future.


You can get hands-on experience and training in the Sunday School program by being a part of the Metro Philippines team as an Intern. Join us in reaching children in the garbage dumps!

Child Sponsorship

When you sponsor a child in the Philippines, you can help provide food and clothing, school supplies and other gifts to benefit your child and his family, as well as our programs for these children.

The following programs are offered to sponsors as a “Second Mile Opportunity.”:

Educational Projects

Achieving basic primary education remains one of the greatest challenges in the Philippines. Only 67 percent of the children who enter first grade will complete basic elementary education. Many stop attending school because school supplies or transportation is too expensive. By helping to provide basic school supplies and other necessary items for school you help to ensure that a child is provided with what he or she needs to receive an education.

  • Book Bag Project – ($25) provides a book bag and school supplies
  • Back to School Project – ($160) provides two uniform sets, socks and shoes, book bag and school supplies for the whole year.
  • Scholarship Project – ($400 - $1,000, depending on grade of child) provides two uniform sets, socks and shoes, book bag and school supplies, transportation and one meal per day for the whole year.


The Christmas season is a special time of the year when hearts and homes are open in a unique way to hear the message and hope of Jesus. You can make an impact by proving a Christmas dinner for a child and their family or give a Christmas gift.

  • Christmas Dinner – ($25 Deadline: November 30th) provides a food basket containing groceries to feed the entire family.
  • Christmas Gift - ($25 Deadline: November 30th) provides a gift according to the child’s immediate need.

Birthday Gift

Birthdays are a special day to celebrate your life – however some children have never celebrated their birthday! You can help a child to celebrate their birthday and let them know truly how special they are!

Birthday Gift – ($25 Deadline: 4-6 weeks before child’s birthday) provides a gift according to your wishes or your child’s preference.

General Relief

Due to poor living conditions (lack of sanitation/ no clean water) thousands of children suffer or die every day because they don’t have access to basic medicine that could relieve their pain or save their lives. You can help to meet these basic needs for the children who need it the most.

General Relief – ($20) provides medicine, food, clothing etc for any child in need.



From an early age many of the children in Romania are taught that they are “not desired”, simply because of their Gypsy heritage. They are not welcome – anywhere- and are shut out of virtually every aspect of normal society. Few will ever attend school and have no hope that life will get any better. Outcast and unwanted, surely these are “the least of these” that Jesus had such compassion for.

The Metro Romania team travels weekly to 15 different villages near Sighisoara, Romania – reaching almost 2,000 children and their families. Some of these villages are better described as Gypsy “encampments.” The people live in huts or tents, with no electricity, little food and no running water. As you can imagine, life for the gypsy children of Romania is hard.

Along with the Sunday School program, Metro Romania does large outreaches throughout the year to help make life a little easier. By meeting the physical needs of the Romanian people, the door opens to help meet the spiritual needs as well. The children get to hear about the love, hope and the welcoming arms of Jesus Christ as their physical and social needs are met.

Mobile Kindergarten

Unfortunately, it is part of the Romanian culture to treat Gypsies as outcasts. As a result, Gypsy children are not given the opportunity to go to public schools to learn how to read or write. Many Gypsy children don’t even know how to hold a pencil. Without these basic skills, the children don’t have a chance at fully developing or make a living when they get older.

The Metro Romania Mobile Kindergarten gives these precious children an opportunity to receive an education – and reach their full potential. The Mobile Kindergarten is a remodeled city bus,, with seats replaced with desks and chairs and a chalkboard on one end, allowing us to bring school to the outskirts of society where these children live.. Each week, the Metro Romania team, along with a Romanian teacher, will travel to the Gypsy villages to teach the children.

Not only will the children learn basic skills, but they will also learn about God’s love and the future He has for them.

Summer Camp

More often than not, the children in Romania never have the chance to leave their hometown or village. That’s why Summer Camp is so special and life changing. It’s an opportunity to get out of a stale environment and into a place that’s safe, clean, fun, and, most importantly, God centered! The Metro Romania team offers two different types of Summer Camp. The children are able to attend based on scholarships provided by donors around the world.

Go Away Summer Camp

This three-day camp located outside of Sighisoara, Romania is jammed packed full of godly teaching, fun activities, games, songs, arts and crafts, sports, and more. The cost of the camp also includes three healthy meals a day and transportation.

Summer Day Camp

Summer Day Camp is exclusive for the children who live in Albesti – a village with very rough living conditions. Many of these children have never been around running water or had a shower. At Day Camp we provide a “Bathing Station” where the children can have their hair washed and arms/feet “bathed.” Day Camp is also filled with fun activities, a healthy meal and chapel time.



In Kenya, education, food and basic hygiene are some of the greatest needs. The children live in very poor areas and often lack the most basic necessities, some living in one room accommodation in overcrowded circumstances, others with no electricity or water. Many are orphans primarily because of the AIDs epidemic. Others were displaced in the 2007 election uprising. Many others live on the streets and do not go to school at all.

In early 2011, a team from Metro World Child visited Kenya and trained a team of four young people who had a heart to reach out to the children in Kenya. They were already reaching out into a small number of schools and teaching them the Word of God. Now almost two years later, we have a team of 8 that goes into 27 schools every week and reaches more 20,000 children!

Child Sponsorship and School Lunches

In Kenya, it is common for schools to average more than 1000 pupils, a number of them almost double that number, with only 20 percent of students being able to afford the school lunch. Many of the children go hungry, not having eaten breakfast, and with no means of purchasing lunch, some of them even faint during the day or are lethargic and unable to concentrate on their studies. Many of the children attend school with torn uniforms.

Metro World Child currently has a sponsorship in 15 of the 27 schools in the area where we work and will begin a feeding program in January 2013, providing school lunches for the children. We plan to expand this program into other schools and regions.

Clean Water

Metro recently installed our first water tank in one of the schools and aims to install further tanks as resources permit. Many of the schools lack enough water to sustain the children, so basic hygiene becomes a problem with no facilities to wash their hands in what are already inadequate toilet provisions.

In addition to working with local schools to meet the needs of children and share the love of Christ, out of semester time the teams go into the villages and do outreach programs. The way God is moving in Kenya is unbelievable, and we plan to expand our prorams into other schools in and around Nakuru, we well as reach into other areas in Kenya and other African nations.



Metro India takes the Gospel to the areas most in need, areas that people consider the most “hopeless.” Faced with poverty, a demoralizing caste system and strong persecution of Christians, children in Northern India have many struggles to face and many barriers to the Gospel – which is exactly why Metro is so committed to reaching out in this area of the world.

With more 100 Sunday School sites across Northern India, the Metro India team gives more than 15,000 children the opportunity to hear the Gospel each week. In the same way that our Sunday School in New York reaches children where they are and makes the Gospel accessible and fun, for many children in Northern India, it will be the first time they hear of One true God who not only loves them but values them, no matter what caste.

Bless the Persecuted

With the recent attack of one the staff, the Metro India team needs your support now more than ever. Your support of Metro India will enable the team to continue to reach out to the children in the areas where persecution is the highest, but the need is the greatest.


South Africa

Life for the impoverished children in South Africa is often hard to explain, as it is very different than anywhere else in the world. More than 20 percent of the population has AIDS, resulting in a life expectancy of only 43 years and leaving many young children without parents. These children live with responsibilities that the average child doesn’t. The children don’t play with toys or games because they are often caring for the brothers, sisters and ailing family members.

Many of the children in South Africa do not attend school at all, due to the extreme poverty and school fees required. The few who do attend are often far behind their grade level. Some of the children and their families live in backyard shacks or informal settlements without hot water or electricity.

When asked simple questions like “What is your favorite color?” or “What do you like to do?” they don’t understand because they love every color and just getting through the day is their priority.

Metro South Africa is reaching over 3,000 children on a weekly basis through the Sunday School program. With only five full time staff and 180 volunteer leaders (many of them youth) the program continues to make a difference all through out Cape Town.

Child Sponsorship

Through the Child Sponsorship program you can make a direct impact in the life of a child living in South Africa. Many of the children are orphans, or have experienced great loss and disappointment in their lives. Your sponsorship helps to show a child how important they are and that there is a future and a hope.

Sponsor a Child


New York City

Sunday School

In New York, Sunday School is held five days a week at more than 200 sites throughout New York City. We offer this ministry on Saturdays using the buses to bring the kids to our church or with our mobile units going to the kids in their neighborhood. Whether we engage them with fun and games and with a positive gospel message that encourages them to stay in school, to stay away from gangs and crime and to dream big. We are currently reaching more than 20,000 children each week throughout New York City with this program.

Summer Camp

One day on the streets of Brooklyn can mean the difference between life and death for a child. Instead of turning their lives over to God, children are dedicating their lives to gangs and drug dealers. It’s an easy world to get caught up in when there is no one around to show them otherwise, no one there to introduce them to Jesus.

That’s why each year during August, Metro sponsors Summer Day Camp for hundreds of children.

At Summer Day Camp, boys and girls enjoy exciting water activities, a giant obstacle coarse, arts and crafts, music, fun games and more. Most important is the time of worship and Bible teaching during the chapel service. Not only are children kept off the streets and shown love and hope, but they have a chance to hear and encounter the truth of Christ in a fun, memorable way.

Book Bag Project

It’s amazing how powerful a new book bag filled with school supplies can be for a child. That’s because in the dead-end environment where Metro kids live, it’s easier to drop out than move up. Providing much-needed school supplies gives children the chance to build the educational foundation they need to find a better future for their lives.

Our Back To School Outreach gives children a brand new, sturdy book bag overflowing with essential items.

Boxes of Love

Each Thanksgiving, we distribute Boxes of Love, a 25-pound box filled with enough food to feed a family for one week, including a turkey just in time for the holidays. Because the need is so great, you can donate to this project year round. $25 provides one Box of Love, enough food to feed a family for a week this Thanksgiving.

Operation Holiday Hope

At Christmas, Metro World Child teaches each child who comes through our doors about our Savior’s birth — sending them home with a new, wrapped gift to show them that someone cares. These gifts are a tangible way to show the love, hope and truth of Christ to a child who might otherwise feel abandoned during the holiday season. The joy on a child’s face as they receive fun gifts and more importantly, the gift of love, is unmistakable, and this December, you can help give a gift of hope and joy to a Metro child through Christmas donations to Metro. When you support Operation Holiday Hope, your kindness works to help save the day — while Metro World Child works to help save lives.

Christmas Stocking Project

Most inner-city children do not know what it’s like to receive something handmade with love and care, but Metro World Child makes sure our kids know what it’s like through our Christmas Stocking Project. You can be a part of providing a Christmas stocking for a child by hand making one or supporting the project financially.

Making Christmas Stockings are a great outreach for individuals or group projects. Throughout the year, volunteers make stockings from the pattern provided and fill them with goodies for boys and girls. Stockings are received and processed by Metro World Child August through November 19th of each year. The pattern provides sewing specifications as well as information on what items to stuff into your stockings. All stockings must arrive before NOVEMBER 19th each year. For more information, email questions to .

If you are not able to make or send a filled Christmas stocking, you may also participate by making a contribution to this project. Just $10 provides a child with a stocking that could be filled with an answer to the simplest of prayers — a toy car, a hair barrette, a toothbrush.

Warm Hearts and Hands

Countless young boys and girls face unbearably cold weather without any essential winter clothing items. Metro World Child works to provide gloves, coats, hats, scarves, socks and more to children in need each winter. Through the generosity of our supporters and sponsors, we’re able to wrap the children we work with in physical and spiritual warmth.

Your gift to our Warn Hearts and Hands outreach will help provide gloves, coats, hats, scarves and more to a child in need. In life, these kids need God’s armor to protect them. In winter, they also need warm clothing and gear to get them through.

Sponsor a Child